Damsel NYC X AnchoPoncho


Photos by Chris Bernabeo

With names like the Bubblegum Virgin, Girls Night Out, Flower Bellied Python, who wouldn't want to cruise downtown with these pretty babies. The ultra-super-talented Michelle Mattar of DamselNYC not only illustrated and made the decks by hand, but even made her own website to promote her creations. As an illustrator, I've found that I've grown quite fond of all things graphic, especially pink slime, fanged animals, and hand-drawn prints. This collection does not fall short of that. 

In addition to the decks are lip-shaped board wax and unicorn tiger patches. ZOMG can it be any better?!!

Maple decks, Made in the U.S.A 

✔ NIKE x AnchoPoncho


To promote their 3Oth anniversary of Air Force 1's, Nike invited NYC bloggers for a photo shoot in the heart of Soho. We all came in and styled our own outfits along with a pair of white Air Force 1's. It was really cool to see how versatile they were in all the outfits. Some wore them classy, others casual, and some really eclectic. Nike even had a rack of awesome clothes for us to choose from. I always thought Nike was all sportswear, but they had some pretty chic basics and really cool prints. Overall, it was a great afternoon.

Thanks Nike for the sneaks and gift card. Much Lovin

Look Into My Eyes


Knit Sweater-Dallin Chase
Pastel Platform Sneakers-Max Star

I've always wanted  the Mishka Eyeball Cap, but always put off buying it every time I found myself some purty heels on the internets. I decided one day to just make my own after months of contemplation. I finally finished this hat and proudly added it to my closet. It took quite a long time to embroider the eyes but in the end it was all worth it. 

After I embroidered this hat I decided to make another one with pieces of hardware. My best friend Lauren and I decided to match outfits today and wore both hats. Check out the other outfit here

Lauren and I are considering making these hats one day as an enterprise. Graduating soon and need some cash moneyzzzzzz. Will you guys be interested in being my first customers?? ;)

Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend xoxo



Photos by Greyson S

I've been busting my butt these past few months with work and finally decided to take a breath. These are candids I shot with my friend Greyson. Enjoy!

Monotone Monologue


Photos by Chris Bernabeo

This was back when the weather was a bit more nippy, but I had to post it up soon or Chris would have my head on a silver platter. Just a few more days til I'm free from finals and I can enjoy the warm weather and a nice cold beer. Cheers

Through the Lens, A Rainy Day In Brooklyn


New Sketch


Ballpoint Pen